Landscape works

This part is my most specialized in so  there are many kinds of landscape photography. What do you like and looking for it?

I have a lot of works besides samples. Please let me know your request.

Contact me and please tell me your favorite locations

My business is more than just a job. Each time I go to a new locations, I make sure your wishes to landscapes and thinking with you about values of it so I will deliver great results. If you orderd me, please contact me.


Shoot a whole view and a corner of the town  in  emotional cities. Especially haveing it of  London, Paris, Amsterdam, Sinagpore, Sydney and my home town Tokyo.


Included in sea and mountains, forests and rivers and more things so I shoot when I feel from a vitality of nature.


Sometimes I'm interested in religious architecture. Take photos from more attractive angles to teach the culture and history of these areas. 


I even shoot transportation. But it can be taken more coolly with the background than the just means of transportation of your image.