2nd Anniversary of this website

It was past two years since I started this website in Sep. 2020.

Thank you so much for visiting here and thank you for contacting me every time.

                (final update Sep. 18, 2022)

Visit for the Virtual art exhibition

Now join in the 'Fabricated Realities' Virtual Art Exhibition by Contemporary Art Collectors so please visit there.

Speciality Photo Books

You can buy these photo books from this website via the contact page. Then, please say hello and ask for an order. 
Now, everyone does not free to travel so when you stay in home, you will need the landscape of your memories. But also, you may need the landscape of new destinations having a dream for yourself. If you are feeling that please get these photo books. Then I promise that you will take happiness when you stay in home. You can see these photo books, when you sit on the couch and take a cup of coffee and listening to your favorite music with it.