Yoichiro Sakai

naturally Landscape /  Airplane photographer
Active on European countries and USA based in Tokyo Japan

last update: 6 Aug. 2023

Landscape photography

I'm always looking for the seasonal scenes with my camera. When meeting it, I’ll shot in my clear eyes and passionately heart. I want to tell you the scene of the most beautiful day of the year through tasty natural photography works.

Airplane photography 

When I shoot airplane works have the same mind and eyes of landscape works.
I want to convey beautiful and cool airplanes that connect every city through under the blue sky.

Originality Books

You can buy these photo books from this website via the contact page. Then, please say hello and ask for an order. 
I published original photo books in 2020. At that time, every one needed to stay in home protect the infection virus. So, I thought want to summarize my works and want to show it for art lovers.
When you stayed in home, did not free to travel so you needed the landscape of your memories. But also, you may need the landscape of new destinations having a dream for yourself. If you are feeling that please get these photo books. Then I promise that you will take happiness when you stay in home. You can see these photo books, when you sit on the couch and take a cup of coffee and listening to your favorite music with it.

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