Yoichiro Sakai

naturally Landscapes /  Airplane photographer
Active on European countries and USA based in Tokyo Japan

Last update; Nov. 1 /2023

Exhibition Planning

Nov. 24 - 25 / 2023 @Barcelona, Spain

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will show some works in my booth; A03

πŸ“… Nov. 24 - 25 / 2023
πŸ“ Museu MarΓ­tim de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Nov. 25 - Dec. 6 / 2023 @Bologna, Italy

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Little Treasures 2023

will show some of a set of photos

πŸ“… Nov. 25 - Dec. 6 / 2023
πŸ“ Galleria De Marchi, Bologna, Italy

Jul. 10 - 28 / 2024 @New York, USA

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Yoichiro Sakai solo exhibition

Having a plan of solo exhibition in New York

πŸ“… Jul. 10 - 28 / 2024
πŸ“ ARTIFACT Gallery, New York, USA

On the Media

Nov. 2023  Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2024  published in Netherlands

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Jaarboek Kunstenaars 2024

will be reported as one of the artists on it,
page 246
πŸ“… published in Nov. 2023
πŸ“ published in Netherlands

Published new

Original Photobooks

At length, I published a new photo book that "emotional landscapes of Japan" in May 2023.
It is constructed landscape photography works of four seasons of Japan and it contains some of the scene of railway as a part of express the journey to the season or connect to each season of the story on the photo book. It is written in Japanese but if you need it, I’ll attach an English translation sheet.
After you bought it, you can feel the most beautiful Japanese nature landscapes from this photo book anytime. And when you make a plan to trip to Japan, you can search the good location as same as the travel guidebook.

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