Buy Works

You can buy my works at the almost exhibition space. 
But also you can make an order of works and photobooks anytime from here.
Please select photos and your suitable style .

All works managed by my hand.
My works made by all high-quality materials and using the professional printer.
I am effort to make the best style for your order anytime.

Framed Works 

Almost works are framed.
I want to recommend this style because it seems to high-quality and easy to hang on the wall.
It also good for the preservation of the printing works.

Covered Works 

It will sell the covered photos (not in the frame) for who already has art frames.
You can buy the works by reasonable price more than framed works.
The covered paper looks like high quality as same as museum quality and good for the preservation.


now has some stocks of photobooks below.

  • Emotional Japanese landscapes

     contains from the only Japanese landscapes

     25cm square size, 100pages, soft jacket style
     published in May 2023

  • The vigor of Youth

     contains from the European landscapes and some of 
     Japanese landscapes

     30cm square size, 40pages, hard jacket style

     published in July 2020

  • to cross the oceans

     contains from the only airplane photos

     30cm square size, 30pages, hard jacket style
     published in May 2020

  • Wood land

     a copy of the graduation works

     30cm square size, 30pages, hard jacket style
     published in December 2018

How to make an order of the works

You can make an order very easy.
Firstly, please choice the photo works.
At that time, you should decide the suitable size and style of works and send these messages below.
(*If you want to buy a work that is not listed on this website, please contact me. I'll show its sample later.)

After this, we will chatting sometimes and I'll prepare for make it.
I'll send the works within one-week as usual.
Price will decide from the works, size and shipping cost, but I will suggest the good price due to direct shopping.

If you are irresolute for buy one, I'll advice for you. 
Don't be shy to say hello!!