I'm Yoichiro Sakai

I am Yoichiro Sakai, landscape and airplane photographer active on overseas based in Tokyo Japan.
When taking photography works, I’ll go to every location without thinking about borders. When exhibiting my works, the same thinking but recently had an experience in European countries such as the U.K., the Netherlands, Italy, and the biggest city New York, USA.

I can make photography works that will convey beautiful scenes and cool airplanes using the camera. I also had clear minds and eyes for taking photos inspired from nature.
I want to shoot the best moments of the place, so I don't forget to check the weather forecast and the high season of flowers.
When meeting the great scenes, I will shoot by my clear hart and eyes. 
Sometimes I complete works just like painting, but I haven't edited much after shooting because I want to convey to you the true colors of nature or I want it to be the most natural color I have seen. My tasks are very simple, but to respect nature and to convey the true world of natural colors anytime for you.